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Are your cakes very sweet?

No! I bake what I eat, and I aim to make my desserts less guilty so I will feel better haha.

Do you do fondant cakes? 

Unfortunately, no. Buttercream is my medium of choice :) I also tend to work with pastel colours because I don't like too much colouring. 


How long can my cake keep out at room temperature? 

My buttercream cakes are able to sit out at room temperature for up to 3 hours (away from direct sunlight), perfect as your party center piece! Do allow your buttercream cakes to sit out of the refrigerator for at least 30 mins for best consumption.


Can you make my cake less sweet? 

My recipes have already been designed with reduced sugar levels. Hence I am unable to handle any further sugar reduction as sugar is integral in my cake structure and decorations. 

Do you provide candles and a cake knife for your cake? 

Each cake comes with 1 golden or silver candle and a plastic knife. If you need more candles, normal ones are available.

You can choose to omit the plastic cake knife if you would like to play a part in saving the earth!

Do you provide cake toppers?

Yes, but these toppers come at an additional cost.

Customised cake toppers with names are available too. 

What are your payment options?

Payment can be made via PayNow, Google Pay, iBanking or PayPal. 

What is your payment policy like?

Full payment must be made before order is confirmed & processed. I seek your kind understanding on this as I need time to source for ingredients. 

A surcharge will be imposed if cake design is changed after payment is made. There will be no refund if cakes are cancelled 7 days prior to the date of order.

For wedding cakes, 50% of payment must be made to confirm your order, and the next 50% a month before the wedding date.

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