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I'm Mel, the lady behind Patisserie by Melissa L. (formerly known as Mel Bakes)


It's often been said that people eat with their eyes first - I couldn't agree more! 


I'm a self-taught cake artist based in Singapore. Whilst managing stress from my job as an educator, I stumbled upon cake designing in 2017 as a creative outlet. Prior to that, baking had always been a passion but decorating cakes took it a notch up. 


After a couple of friends entrusted me their wedding cake and encouraged me to sell my cakes, Mel Bakes was founded in 2018. Currently, baking is still not my day-job. I'm pursuing music and other interests but in my spare time, I find beautifying cakes give me great joy. I love thinking about how to make a cake stand out and develop new flavours as I taste desserts locally and around the world.

In 2021, I re-launched Mel Bakes as Patisserie by Melissa L, aiming to bring you a better client experience alongside more beautiful, artisanal cakes for your occasions. 

In my creative venture, I am most delighted to share my joy with you. 


Feel free to look around and drop me an inquiry! 

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